Above the Earth

How wonderful it is to fly far, far away and never be back, knowing how you’ll be happyat the place where you’ll never be.
Sentence / 1

Ihave 2 paintingsonthesubject. I depict the moment when one start’s living in another world, when he is just entering it.
A pendulum that is coming towards him and is about to flatten is represented on the work. It defines what he’ll be in another world, what is his fate.
One may say that it is his heavenly judge or an otherworldly watch that is counting off his last moments.
The ninth circle

It is a crown of thorns or 9 fangs or 9 gates and it is hanging above the earth. It is AN engulfing essence. Houses, cities, countries are below, we are in the middle. It is a transition from being alive into being dead.
Amanisfishing attheseaside. Thefish,pulled out of water, is dying. The idea is that in fact we, people, don’t differ from that fish. The element that surrounds us can catch us in its net. But we’ll be dead in that element, while fishes – alive.
The Luncheon on the Grass

On this painting there is a creature, metaphysical stomach that sucks down and digests people’s souls. I wanted to reach such an effect so , that viewers would feel how life gorges them, while looking at the work. And I succeeded. If you look closely, you can see a muzzle, a dark eye, a mouth and, in fact, this creature is alive.
This work has another title – ‘The Luncheon on the Grass’ by analogy with Edouard Manet’s painting. On his painting one can see civilized looking people, who are sitting on the grass and chatting peacefully. Among them, there is a naked woman. Actually the men are not representatives of Paris bohemia – they are demons that are sitting on the grass and sucking down human’s soul. It is THE WOMAN’S soul, because it A FEMALE CREATURE who gives life to people (It is the way I interpret this painting).

Amansinksintowaterandthatfeeling of transition into another element can be compared to transition from one world into another, from life into death.
The Trap

IN A series of paintings CALLED “The Trap”, I raise the issue of power and weakness. Power is SOMETHING beautiful, steel, flaring, and weakness is disgusting and repulsive. Seagulls, with wings turning into knives or pieces of broken glass, are flying above BOTH THE WEAK AND THE STRONG.
Relaxation on Sand

The plot is very simple: a man is relaxing on a beach, he is surrounded by an idyllic picture: in the distance there is beautiful sea, around him – sand, the sun is shining in the sky and he is hiding in shade of an umbrella… But death can come when it seems that everything is perfect. You seem to be alone, there is no one around. Butfatefollowsus. Even such an innocent object as an umbrella can turn into something frightful. Justamomentandtheumbrellacancloseanditisover.
It may be compared with a terrifying flood that took place in Thailand. People were sitting on a shore and the sea started to go away, beautiful fish were thrown ashore, people came to see them… They raised their heads and saw a huge of pillar water. The sun is shining, there’s no wind, not a slightest sign of a disaster. Meanwhile many people were crushed by streams of water, against rocks, buildings… Death can come at any moment.
After slaughterhouse

Itisafightbetweenamananda “beast”. When they are dying they look very much alike. It is like this from the point of view of the universe. But it seems to us that there is a big gap.
It will be later on

The idea of this work is following: a man works all his life for gold, diamonds, but in fact no one needs it, and he himself won’t need it at the main moment of his life – when he is gone.
There is a theory that in several billion years there will be no universe and we’ll fly around the dead area as phantoms. I’m impressed by that. Really why should we work if there’ll be nothing left? But on the other hand billions of years – it is indescribable calculus, and probably there’s sense in doing something for next generations to have an interesting life. It is interesting to view this momentary sketch from this profile.

Thispaintingisquitebiblical. Everyone has to bear his cross no matter how hard it is. We should bear our own cross, not the one that we’d like to. It may be said that this work is about life and death because a cross doesn’t always lead us to something good. No matter what our cross is we should bear it till the end. It is the meaning of life in our world
Struck under Kef

This painting continues the theme of “Relaxing on the Beach”. When a man is on holiday he is in the state of euphoria. And if death approaches the man at that very moment he will take it easy. One may say that it is kind of kef’s continuation.

Thispaintingisaboutman’shesitation. What is better: to live or to die? Ahugepyramidorabladepiercesour brain and won’t let us stop at the choice between life and death. Indeed, that’s the way we live and we cannot escape it. It is a token painting to me and it meets mysubject.
The column

if you feel that you have a spine/inner core, it is your pillar while you are alive. it is being targeted abd striken throughout your whole life, but if it doesn’t break, and you are still standing, then you are going to become a part of forever.
At the theatre

A man came in theatre with a fan and is looking through it at what is happening on the stage. At the same time the fan is made up of daggers. This painting refers to the period when I didn’t understand completely what I was doing but I was SEARCHING FOR MY OWN PATH.
33 (33)

This painting is about a man WHO HAS talent, strength, intellect and wants to stay like this forever. This painting is about a man in the prime of his life leaving the world. It is a suicide. He does not accept his weakness and doesn’t want others to see it. He wantS to STAY in eternity as a strong, talented, intelligent person.
The demise.

This painting is also about life and death. A whale, thrown ashore by the sea, is depicted here. Itis lying onsand motionless like a sculpture. As a matter of fact it keeps on living embodying certain beauty. One should understand that if you are lying on the ground it doesn’t mean that you’re dead. Andjusttheopposite.
On the executioner’s block

Man’s head is depicted here. It is about to be cut off and is full OF thoughts about a woman. This woman is in his head. There is nothing more there. AND that is the reason for execution.

Abullet or an animal that is coming into man’s body isdepicted on that work. Att hes ametimeyoucanseehangman’ssilhouette. Broad shouldered, holding a murder weapon in his hands now he has nothing to do with the whole situation. That painting doesn’t show the moment of death, it shows only expectation. That is why the drops of blood in the corner seem to be not real.

Two close people rush to each other. But the closer they get, the more painful it is for them.
Sentence / 2

The first painting shows the moment oftransition from our worldintoanotherone. On the second one this moment is undone. 3 heroesare passingaportalroughlyspeaking.They have not much of earthly left; in fact they start to turn into phantoms. This world exists parallel to our and I think it influences us.
One may call it biblical: what you achieved in this world influences what you are expected in another one.
The majority of people are afraid of death. Men live mainly in fear: for himself, for his children, for the future. From this point of view death is a kind of relief. When there is nothing to be afraid of.
9th round

Man can achieve what he wants in every condition. A boxer during a fight plays second violin and his main task is to hold ON until the last round. And then he strikes a decisive blow. He is at the breaking point. I depicted a turning point ,when a transition into another world is really close, but the man is still here and it takes him a lot to stay “here”.
This work is about the fact that one has to win, to fight till the end. Youcanfeelbrokeninside; gothroughfailed relations, loss of family. Sometimesitallhappensatonceandit looks like everything is done to TRANSFORM, devastate and crush you. Still, there is always a chance to win.
The moonlight / Hunting

This painting shows man’s transformation into a bare beast that kills everything around. It is an executioner standing WITH HIS BACK TO THE VIEWER and turning round, and on the other side you can see a dog with its muzzle in blood. As a matter of fact, man turns into a beast that kills, violates, disfigures. We all have that beast inside. I’m convinced that if you give a man unlimited power, he will become really violent. It happens not due to the fact that he is a bad person. He cannot help that. He will beat, cut, violate because it is kef that one cannot reject. It is inside him.
This work is about reckless freedom that lies in violence. Every person has it. It is in our consciousness. That is why Christianity tries to protect us from it. Any kind of violence, real violence brings death. So, this painting is about death as well.
The Alive and the Dead

Everything that is alive and beautiful has an end. When you’re sitting in the kitchen and drinking tea, you don’t think that the light will go out and it’ll get dark. Forever.
For the last Time

Thissmallpaintingisaboutapersonthatisdrowningandheisnotterrifiedanymore, heresignedhimselftotheelement. He consented to die.

Many people long for kef: smoking, SPIRIT, drugs… The main kef is that it is the way to “leave” your body. The problem is that when you leave you body – you’re dying, your soul leaves ABANDONS IT.
People are often dissatisfied with their life, with people surrounding him. Everything is constantly annoying. That is why they long for kef. Travelling to the seaside is also longing for kef. People forget that when they are looking for life’s kef, forgetting about their family and friends, they long for death. Soul transits from one state into another. The conclusion is that WHILE ALIVE people long for death.