Based on Maron Kazak’s interview.

… to understand what I paint one has to die.

About periods in his art

- The first period lasted until 2000. The searching and throes of creation formed me. I had no accurate understanding of what I was doing. During the first period I was doing whatever I wanted. Now I work in one vein philosophically and technically.

About his technique and works’ size

- I use paper, tempera, pastel, graphic pencils. The size of my paintings is A0, it satisfies me completely. My works, put together on one empty square, will unite as a whole.

About his art’s direction

- It is symbolism, but immensely intense. Looks like a taut string that is just about to break. Trance symbolism… One can use this definition at some extend to explain how I work.

About the artist’s subject

- I draw fractions of our last second. But the end is the beginning of everything. I draw neither coffins, nor skulls, nor obelisks. I understand this symbolism, but I’m far from it. I used to think that I should use the details that are recognizable for everyone, but I don’t do it anymore. And I think that in nearest 5 years my works won’t have any realistic details, everything will remain abstract, nevertheless understandable.
I’ve got a painting “9th round”. A boxer during a fight plays second violin and he pretends to be weaker, than his opponent. He tries to exhaust his opponent. But he should strike a decisive blow in the 9th round.
The boxer has many hematomas, he is exhausted. To stand this pain one has to be on the edge between life and death.
Man goes through immense loads. He is on the verge, but he stands the loads that are unbearable for people. At this moment he is not a man anymore. He is hardly “here” – he is almost “there”. I depicted this very moment. I’m interested in this subject.
Today to paint the in-between state is crucial to me. To unravel it one has to be “here” and at the same time “there”. It is an apparent death. But people are afraid of it and don’t realize what they see there. It is important for me to understand what I do. Jesus had that understanding that is why he resurrected. He was ready to die because he knew that he would resurrect. That is why to understand what I paint one has to die. Each time it feels like resurrection. When I finish a painting I resurrect. When I don’t paint I’m always in bad mood, in depression. When I start painting again I resurrect. That is merry-go-round of life. One understands it with years when you work in a certain system.

About his paintings

- My paintings not always can be hung at home. Sometimes they have very strong energy. Not everyone is ready to hang them over a one’s bed. Besides every painting is a very powerful hypnosis. The power of a painting is that it constantly fills you with one and the same thought. Especially if it is an easel graphics every time you look at it, you’ll see something different.
A viewer looks at a painting for a minute, often for 30 seconds, if the picture impresses him – for 2 minutes. I work on a painting during 2-3 month. It doesn’t mean that the picture is so saturated technically. If I had known how it should it look like at the end I would have painted it in 3 days. Can you imagine how I saturate the picture during 2-3 month? Some of my paintings cannot be hung in a saloon, because they would provide a deadly effect. That is because my paintings’ subject is hard to comprehend.

About the artist, the talent and the creator

- There is an assumption in our society that an artist is a little bit out of his mind. It is a great delusion. Because a person, that is out of his mind, cannot be an artist. Not normal person will not be able to go through those experiments that I carry out on myself. He won’t get out of “there”.
When I work my time changes, it shrinks. An hour of my time equals to 4 real ones. Time shrinks even more dramatically sometimes. To get out of “there” a strong meditation is needed. I cannot imagine how a man with weak state of mind can work like this. Because what I see and then try to embody is a very hard work that exhausts, but brings me happiness and joy.
Talent is a huge responsibility. It is responsibility to yourself: you shouldn’t peep into the forbidden places. Don’t make out of yourself the Creator; just do what you ought to do. When I stop doing what I ought to, I feel very powerful pressure. The Creator punishes me And he does it severely. When I was a child I could hear thousands of voices inside my head. Visions, feelings they are very realistic. Only then when I started working a lot, they let me go. I had terrible visions when I stopped working.