Maron Kazak
Easel graphics
Trance symbolism

“To understand what I paint one has to die”
Trance symbolism… One can use this definition at some extend to explain how I work.
There are things that cannot be explained with words. It is hard to speak about life and death. It is impossible to show what a person feels when he is born. And it is difficult to describe the feeling that he feels when he is dying.
Life frightens us but at the same time life we find it understandable. We have no idea of what happens before we die.
I’ve been studying one moment during last several years. I work only on it and embody it: I’m interested in human’s life at a phase, when a man is still “here”, but at the same time he is “there”. I draw a second. No, I draw a fraction of the second of life and death.
There is an example in Chinese philosophy: when a razor cuts an eye, the eye can see everything to the smallest detail before it dies. I’m interested in that very moment. I try to understand where life still exists and where it’s already gone. Not physically, but metaphysically.
I don’t show this space of time. I think it’s enough to show the transition to understand the rest. If I succeed in expressing the transition, it will open up that divine mystery. Falling in trance gives me an opportunity to draw these things; it gives me a special language – the language of existence and non-existence symbols. I fall in this state through my drawing sketches, through immersion into the theme. A sheet of paper and a pencil replace in this case “pills”.
When I peep into “there”, the painting is light, white. I don’t do it for purpose. When I’m “here, on Earth” – the painting gets darker. From my paintings it is always clear whether I’m “here” or “there” depending on the colors.
What for I strive…. I strive for a white sheet of paper. That is where I set off and where I finish. I struggle between white and white. When I start a painting it is dark. But I strive for solving the mystery of death and eventually I come to white. The initial white is not the white that I reach in the end. The initial one is ignorance blindness.